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Pioneer Club is For children ages 3 thru 6th Grade.

Pioneer Club is a church sponsored weekly club program fro young people ages 3 through 6th Grade. 

This Christ centered program integrates spiritual and personal development and emphasizes evangelism and discipleship.   Pioneer Club gives girls and boys opportunities to learn new skill, make friends, have fun, and develop Christian values which affect every area of their lives.  

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We have the following classes available:

Skippers- Preschools (3 & 4 years old)

Scooters - 5 years old and Kindergarten

Voyagers - 1st & 2nd Graders

Pathfinders - 3rd & 4th Graders

Trailblazers - 5th & 6th Graders

Meeting times is from 6:00 -7:30 pm on Wednesday evenings during the school year.

The classes are held in the classrooms by the sanctuary

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